Public art indoor

Guillaume Bottazzi Lighting in situ

Lighting in situ  ©

Guillaume Bottazzi, public art indoor, enamels on glass, France

Enamels on glass, Orange head office, France ©

Guillaume Bottazzi, public art in Lyon, France

Enamels on glass, Lyon, France ©

Guillaume Bottazzi, art specific in Paris, enamels on glasses

Enamels on glass, Paris ©

Guillaume Bottazzi lighting, backlit artworks

Lighting in situ and painting, Brussels ©

Specific art indoor by Guillaume Bottazzi in Brussels

Installation in situ, Sofitel, Brussels ©

Bottazzi, art in public space, Marseille

Wall painting, Marseille Prado, Provence-Alpes Côte d'Azur ©

Guillaume Bottazzi, art specific, Tokyo, Japan

Painting in situ,  Roppongi-Kamiya-cho, Tokyo ©

Guillaume Bottazzi, public art indoor, enamels on glass

Enamels on glass ©

Guillaume Bottazzi, painting in public space, London

Painting on fabric, London  ©

Guillaume Bottazzi, painting in a lobby, Marseille, public art indoor

Oil on raw linen, 3 meters high, Marseille, France ©

Guillaume Bottazzi, enamels on glasses, art in public spaces, Tokyo

Enamels on glass, Tokyo ©

Guillaume Bottazzi, art specific indoor, Italy

Paintings on fabric, Emilia Romagna, Italy ©

Guillaume Bottazzi's lighting, backlit artworks

Lighting in situ, Brussels ©

Bottazzi, art specific, Japan

Painting on paper, Hokkaido, Japan ©

Guillaume Bottazzi, art lighting, backlit artwork

Lighting in situ ©

Guillaume Bottazzi, environmental art in London, enamels on glasses, realized in situ in London

Enamels on glass, London ©

Guillaume Bottazzi, painting in a lobby, Marseille

Oil on raw linen, Marseille, France ©

Guillaume Bottazzi

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